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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – May 19th, 2020

Football: PFF’s Austin Gayle on Why YAC ability is valuable but limited. Football Perspective’s HBCUs and the NFL Draft: The List. PFF’s Timo Riske on 2020 NFL Win Totals: Why betting Baltimore Ravens under 11.5 wins is a good idea.

College Football: @Cooper_DFF has free college targets data back to 2010.

Baseball: Baseball Prospectus Baseball Therapy: The Tranches of WAR. Bill James’ Index for Managers as to how hard they work their starting pitchers. FanGraphs finds The Biggest Losers in a Seasonless Season. The SIS blog’s Mark Simon: To The Victor Belongs The Great Defense.

College Basketball: Jordan Sperber’s Hoop Vision Weekly: The Nation’s Deepest Playbooks.

Soccer: American Soccer Analysis’ Goals Added: Recap and Roundtable. StatsBomb’s Data History of the European Cup: 1995, Ajax 1-0 AC Milan. Friends of Tracking continues its series of videos on working with soccer analytics data.

Hockey: Hockey Graphs’ Meghan Hall with The State of Goalie Pulling in the NHL. Hockey Graphs Introduces NWHLe and Translation Factors. Hockey Graphs on Using Sequences for Analysis: Expected Goals Contribution and more.

Cricket: FiveThirtyEight wonders Has Cricket’s Greatest Captain Played His Final Match?

Boxing: Jeremey Sanchez’s boxing rankings.

General: FiveThirtyEight looks at How Much Money Student-Athletes Could Make As Social Media Influencers.

Your Moment of R: Ryo Nakagawara’s Intro to {polite} Web Scraping of Soccer Data with R. Thomas Mock’s blog post on Creating beautiful AND interactive tables with {reactable} and NFL QB salary/playoff data. BaseballWithR’s post on BA on Balls in Play and Pull Hitting. Beyond the Box Score’s Kenny Kelly continues Learning R: Mercury is in Retrosheet.

Conferences: The Sounders FC 2020 Sports Science Virtual Seminar will be on Wednesdays May 6, 13 and 20. Hockey (Analytics) Night in Canada takes on football May 21st.

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