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Get the married men off the infield, we’re leaving Kevin Gregg in

Kevin Gregg made his Reds debut on Opening Day by giving up three straight rockets to the Pirates. Thanks to nice outfield plays from Marlon Byrd and Billy Hamilton, Pittsburgh had two outs with a runner on first and Andrew McCutcheon walking to the plate. My jaw dropped when the bullpen doors didn’t open. And you guessed it, McCutcheon jacks one out to tie the game.

So I don’t whether to be:

  • Mad at Bryan Price for not using Aroldis Chapman for a 4-out save with an open date the next day
  • Mad at Bryan Price for using any other reliever who wasn’t giving up rockets all over the park
  • Mad at Bryan Price for watching Spring Training and thinking Kevin Gregg is his best 8th inning option
  • Mad at Walt Jocketty for not improving last year’s bad bullpen thus making Kevin Gregg Bryan Price’s best 8th inning option
  • Mad at Billy Hamilton for not being 20 feet tall and catching McCutcheon’s homer

Anyway, Mike Petriello at says it better than I can.

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