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Putting the D back in Toledo?

Tod Kowalczyk”s Toledo Rockets are showing dramatic improvement on defense this season. According to, Toledo’s adjusted D is at 99.4 (146th in the country) from 109.1 last season (255th). Since the first season post-Gene Cross (2011), the Rockets have always been a good offensive team. Their adjusted O is 107.2 (47th) this year is just off slightly from 2013-14’s 113.2 (31st).

With this improvement in defense, Toledo could very well be the team to beat in the MAC. Their 9-6 record isn’t overwhelming and the MAC-opening loss was a head-scratcher. But a number of those losses were close as their -.079 (313th in the country) KenPom luck factor attests. Tod Kowalczyk may finally get the Rockets over the hump and into the NCAA Tournament.

YearAdjusted DRank

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