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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – Week of August 17, 2015

Baseball: Brendan Kent from the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective looks at the effect of road-trip longevity in MLB. Bradley Woodrum from The Hardball Times on Offensive Batted Ball Statistics and Their Optimal Uses. weighs in on game theory and pitch selection.’s Chris Teeter says Reliever domination is at a historic level. Ed Feng, in a special to the Detroit News, The curse of small sample size in bullpen stats.

Basketball: The hot-hand really does exist.

Football strategy: The Washington Post has an article on the latest strategic experiments of Kevin Kelley, innovative HS football coach of Pulaski Academy in Arkansas.

Recent conferences: StatsbyLopez at the Joint Statistical Meetings 2015 Conference in Seattle presented work that sideline pressure in the NFL that appears to impact referee behavior.

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