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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – April 19, 2016

Football: Football Outsiders analyzes quarterback draft prospects in QBASE 2016. The Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective writes that The Payout of Surprise Onside Kicks Has Never Been Higher.

Baseball: FanGraphs says Oh Has Been Completely Unhittable. Baseball Prospectus on whether you have to get opposing team’s ace early or not at all. The Hardball Times on Clayton Kershaw: Visualizing Greatness. BeyondTheBoxScore on the impact of infield shifts. FanGraphs on Trevor Story and Sample Size. BeyondTheBoxScore on The top differences in actual and perceived velocity. FanGraphs says This Cubs Lineup Might Be the Most Disciplined Lineup Ever.

Basketball: FiveThirtyEight on The Warriors Went 73-9 — Now Can They Go Fo’ Fo’ Fo’ (Fo’)? FiveThirtyEight says The Warriors Dominated The NBA Season Online, Too. Nylon Calculus with “Hustle” Stat Caveats. FiveThirtyEight says We Just Saw The Most Lopsided Playoff Openers In Modern NBA History. Nylon Calculus Deep Dives: The Myth of “Leaving the Right Guy”.

Soccer: StatsBomb goes Into The Stats: Around The Premier League. StatsBomb on Merging Football Stats and Coaching – The FIFA Skills Pitch. StatsBomb on Explaining and Training Shot Quality,

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR tries to determine if Hank Aaron was a consistent hitter. BaseballWithR looks at contact rates over the past 10 seasons.

Conferences: Learn Data Science + Sports Analytics at the 3rd Annual Escape Conference on May 7th in Chicago.

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