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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – April 24th, 2018

Football: Football Perspective on ANY/A, Rushing Yards, and Winning Percentage. Football Outsiders’ The Deep Ball Project. FiveThirtyEight: The Way Everybody Measures NFL Schedule Strength? It’s Wrong. Fancy Stats finds The Patriots again have the NFL’s easiest schedule for 2018. Seriously. Football Perspective confirms The 2013 Draft Was As Bad As You Thought It was. Football Outsiders does a 2018 Free Agency Cost-Benefit Analysis. Football Outsiders’ BackCAST 2018.

Baseball: FanGraphs says Mike Trout Is Impossible. Baseball Prospectus’ Flu-Like Symptoms: The Tenure Track. The Hardball Times with 10 Interesting Facts About Tommy John Surgery. FanGraphs’ Periodic Update on the Fly-Ball Revolution. FiveThirtyEight says Everyone Wants To Go Home During Extra Innings — Maybe Even The Umps. The Hardball Times with The Physics of Bryce Harper’s Broken Bat Blast. Bill James continues his series with looking at the best players by position with Shortstops of the 1960s. Baseball Savant has added a new leaderboard for expected outcomes. Baseball Info Solutions blog post on who the best infielders are at avoiding mistakes. The Hardball time with Data: Impossible-The Minor League Strike Zone Part 1 and Part 2.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus Uses NBA matchup data to define defensive roles. Cleaning the Glass writes about The Trouble with Foul Trouble. Nylon Calculus ponders Nylon Calculus: How often can LeBron James become unstoppable? Stephen Shea declares Anthony Davis rates as the NBA’s best defender in 2017-18. Nylon Calculus: The NOAH Shooting System wants to fix every jumpshot. Darryl Blackport shares 2017-18 NBA possession data with an example of using it to dig deeper into pace in the NBA.

Soccer: The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective examines Do Deep Runs In The FA Cup Affect League Form? American Soccer Analysis’ Updated Expected Passing Model.

Lacrosse: Lacrosse reference tells A Win Probability Evolutionary Story.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR offers code to look at HBP rates and graphing HBP for a player. Emmanuel Perry writes about a WAR model with associated R code.

Conferences: May 7th  Analytics in Sport in the Netherlands. The Fields Sports Analytics Workshop May 24th and 25th in Toronto.

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