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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – April 30th, 2019

Football: Football Perspective writes that The 2019 Draft Class Was Another QB-Heavy Draft. Football Outsiders on Third Down and Air Yards. FiveThirtyEight on Which Picks Did NFL Mock Drafts Get Most Wrong. Football Perspective examines How Likely Josh Rosen Is To Turn Into A Good Quarterback. Football Perspective Analyzes The Trades In the First Round Of the 2019 Draft. FiveThirtyEight says The NFL Draft Is Looking More And More Like Signing Day. Pro Football Logic modeled how teams value draft picks based on trades, and how good that means they are implying those players will be.

Baseball: FanGraphs finds The Hit-By-Pitch Continues to Reach New Heights. FiveThirtyEight shows How Their Pitcher Ratings Have Changed Since Opening Day. Patrick Rowley lists which players do the most good & bad things on the bases. Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab: Strike Zone charts. BeyondTheBoxScore looks at Pitch changers: who’s throwing something different in 2019. The Hardball Times with a piece on The Physics of Humidors: A Second Case Study at Chase Field. Bill Petti has updated his daily umpire file.

Basketball: Kirk Goldsberry believes it is time to redraw the 3-point line. Speaking of Goldsberry, the Washington Post profiles him and his new book ‘SprawlBall’. Justin Jacobs blog post on True 2019 NBA Lottery Odds. Nylon Calculus on Using Daily RAPM Estimate to rank the best and worst of the playoffs.

College Basketball: Luke Benz’s thesis, “An Examination of Timeout Value, Strategy, and Momentum in NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball”.

Soccer: OptaPro introduces Phases of Play. StatsBomb: Set Pieces Remain An Underutilised Gamechanger. FiveThirtyEight finds Messi Is More Dominant Than Ever — And Barcelona Is More Dependent. American Soccer Analysis’ CBA Talk: Comparing MLS Player Salaries to Leagues Around the World. StatsBomb reviews Pass Footedness in the Premier League.

Tennis: Stephanie Kovalchik looks at the Early Ups and Downs on Clay.

General: The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective Exploring Boston’s Chances Of Becoming The Ultimate TitleTown.

Your moment of R: Tinniam V Ganesh’s book ‘Cricket analytics with cricketr and cricpy’ is now on Amazon.

Conferences: SportsPro Live is April 30th to May 1st in London. On May 4th there is a Baseball Analytics Workshop in Cleveland. The European Sports Analytics & Sports Technology Conference 2019 will be hosted May 6th in the Netherlands.

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