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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – April 10th, 2018

Ohtani-mania: FanGraphs writes There’s Already a Book on Shohei Ohtani. FiveThirtyEight believes Shohei Ohtani’s Splitter Is What Makes Him Truly Great. FanGraphs says Shohei Ohtani Had a Decent Week. Beyond the Box Score takes A closer look at Shohei Ohtani’s home runs. Fancy Stats: Shohei Ohtani dual-role dominance could produce MLB’s best statistical season ever. Baseball Prospectus’ What You Need To Know: Oh, Ohtani! (Yet Again). Tom Tango on Ohtani, WAR and the positional adjustment. FanGraphs on Shohei Ohtani and Beyond: a History of Double-Duty Players. Beyond the Box Score Breaks down Shohei Ohtani’s first Major League series.

Football: Football Perspective finds Draft Capital Spent On Running Backs Is Still On The Decline. Football Outsiders’ Playmaker Score 2018. Football Perspective looks to answer Are Good Drafting Teams Also Bad At The Draft? Football Outsiders’ 2017 Offensive Line Continuity Scores. Football Perspective on Why Are More Rookie QBs Playing At High Levels Part 1 and Part 2. Bill Connelly article: There’s a new approach to NFL QB projections — and the 2018 draft class is in trouble.

Baseball: Ben Lindbergh points out Baseball Stats Still Haven’t Pivoted Away From Video. FanGraphs writes about Bryce Harper’s Laser-like Focus. Bill James’ thoughts on Pitching and the Persistence of Excellence. Beyond the Box Score says Move over, Cubs: The Indians are the next dynasty in the making. FanGraphs analysis Is Dylan Bundy an Ace on Extra Rest? The Hardball Times takes you through The Physics of the Home Run Boom. FanGraphs’ 2018 UZR and UZR Update.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus’ AAU basketball state of the union. FiveThirtyEight on How Losing Kyrie Irving Affects The Celtics’ Playoff Run. The 94 Feet Report names The Official 2018 Worst Team All-NBA. Nylon Calculus is Looking for an NBA Defensive Player of the Year. Fancy Stats: Ben Simmons’s NBA career is off to a better start than the one LeBron James had.

College Basketball: Counting Baskets analyzes College Hoops On/Off Numbers.

Soccer: American Soccer Analysis Chalk Talk: Zlatan. Zlatan. Zlatan. Oh and LAFC and Brad Friedel, Too. Lionel Page and Romain Gauriot paper on Psychological momentum in contests: The case of scoring before half-time in football.

Hockey: FiveThirtyEight answers Should The Devils’ One-Man Machine Be The NHL MVP?

Tennis: Heavy Topspin on Houston and the Swarm of American Men,

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR’s offers R Snapshots from the CMU Baseball Analytics Workshop. Michael Lopez Evaluates NHL team strengths using a state-space model in R. Bill Petti releases baseballr 0.4.

Conferences: SportsPro Live is April 11-12 in London. The Sports Analytics Conference is April 12-13 in State College, PA.

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