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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – August 13th, 2019

Football: Dani Chu, Matthew Reyers, James Thomson and Lucas Wu published a paper on Route Identification in the NFL. Football Outsiders’ 2018 Slot vs. Wide: Quarterbacks. FiveThirtyEight: Tom Brady And Drew Brees Have Blown Up The QB Aging Curve. What Comes Next?

College Football: shares an API for accessing all sorts of college football data.

Baseball: Kristen Austin’s Saber Seminar presentation and blog post on Catch Probability and Abandon Rates. Barton Smith’s Saber Seminar presentation ‘What do baseball seams do to a ball in Flight?’. Also, Aaron Gray’s slides on the Effects of Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction on Pitch Movement in MLB Pitcher. Baseball Prospectus: If Everything Goes To Plan: Can the Best Fix Everyone? FanGraphs finds the Bad-Ball Blasts: Out-of-Zone Home Runs in 2019. Beyond the Box Score’s call for pitchers to stop throwing sinkers. Neil Paine writes Baseball’s 20-Something Sluggers Are Saving The Sport. Mark Simon lists the hottest teams and hitters. The Hardball Times publishes Baseball Coding with Rust – Part 3.

College Basketball: Jordan Sperber’s Hoop Vision Weekly: 8/11/2019. Randy Olson’s dataviz of every shot made in the 2018 NCAA basketball season.

Hockey: Hockey Graphs’Expected Goals Model with Pre-Shot Movement, Part 1: The Model and Part 2: Historic Team and Player Results.

Soccer: FiveThirtyEight says It’s Still Liverpool And Manchester City’s League.

Tennis: Heavy Topspin’s There’s Always a Chance: Marie Bouzkova Edition. Stephanie Kovalchik develops A Stat for Must-See Matches.

Your moment of R: Mario Martinez shares his code to look at Deception: investigating the advantages of contrarianism in NFL playcalling. Ben Baldwin shares a huge base of code examples of people doing things with football data.

Check out these Pythons: @903124S has code to estimate college football EPA.

Conferences: The Australia Sports Analytics Conference is August 23rd in Melbourne.

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