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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – August 30, 2016

Football: FiveThirtyEight podcast: An Advanced Stats Primer For The New NFL Season. Football Outsiders examines if NFL Careers Really Are Getting Shorter. FiveThirtyEight says The Broncos’ New Quarterback Is Inexperienced, But At Least He’s Not Peyton Manning. The 2016 NFL Regular Season Done & Dusted in Excel. FiveThirtyEight writes that Dak Prescott Is Not Your Average Week 1 Starting Quarterback. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective Measures the Hot Seats for NFL Coaches Entering 2016.

College Football: Football Study Hall lists 3 overrated college football teams in 2016 by preseason analytics. Football Study Hall’s NEW MATH: S&P+ ratings with special teams efficiency.

Baseball: FanGraphs identifies Major League Baseball’s Streakiest Team. FiveThirtyEight says Last Year’s World Series Didn’t Wreck The Mets’ Rotation This Year. Tom Tango with Statcast Lab: where plays are made, not made, and shared. FanGraphs says Money Is Buying Wins Again in 2016. FiveThirtyEight writes that MLB’s Hit-Tracking Tool Misses A Lot Of Hits. The Hardball Times on The Relative Importance of Velocity. Baseball Prospectus Feature: Coleman/Hamilton, Part 2: Why We’re Missing Out On It by Rob Mains . The Hardball Times on Clayton Kershaw and Cross-Era Comparisons. FanGraphs creates New Interactive Splits Tool.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus on whether the Houston Rockets are headed for a terrible defensive season. Nylon Calculus on Offensive style breakdown: The speed of ball movement. Nylon Calculus Introduces foul drawn percentage.

Soccer: American Soccer Analysis on Tactics, Talent, and Success: Diversity in Scoring and Chance Creation. StatsBomb: Bayern Relaxes, Dortmund Look Backward And Other Week One Impressions.

Hockey: Hockey Graphs with The Distribution of QoC/QoT at the NCAA Level.

Tennis: How FiveThirtyEight is Forecasting The 2016 U.S. Open.

Check out these Pythons: NBA SHOTS ANALYSIS USING PLOTLY SHAPES. Improving Match of the Day with Python.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR on how to Measure Tennis Server Effectiveness. The baseballr package can now retrieve Statcast data by player & look up player IDs. R package engsoccerdata available on CRAN.

Submissions requested: For the Midwest Sports Analytics Meeting on November 19th.

Conferences: Sports Analytics Innovation Summit August 24-25 in San Francisco. RIT Hockey Analytics Conference to be held September 10th. A webinar to learn more about a career in sports analytics on September 14th. The Cascadia Symposium on Statistics in Sports September 24th in Vancouver. Boston Hockey Analytics Conference on October 1st.

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