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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – August 7th, 2018

Football: Deep Football’s CASSIS 18 presentation: Using Text Analytics to Improve Scout Grades in
American Football. Adam Steele blog post: QB Defensive Support: Part 1. Football Perspective’s 2017 Pass Identity Results: New England Keeps On Passing and 2017 AV-Adjusted Team Age: Offense, Defense. Football Outsiders’ 2017 Slot vs. Wide: Defense. FiveThirtyEight says Jimmy Garoppolo Is The NFL’s Most Expensive Lottery Ticket. ESPN’s Rich Cimini writes Jets embracing data game with Ivy Leaguers in front office. Fancy Stats’ two NFL teams best positioned to win future Super Bowls. Bryan Frye’s Championship Leverage Update.

Baseball: FanGraphs warns that José Ramírez is About to Crush History. Baseball Prospectus Feature: The Most Likely Contribution. Beyond the Box Score believes Contending teams should be calling the Royals on Terrance Gore. FanGraphs ponders Has Position-Player Pitching Reached Its Peak… or Nadir?. The Hardball Times article on The Increasing Difficulty of Acquiring Star Players. Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab: When Sprint Speed meets Burst. John Dewan names July’s top defensive player. The Hardball Times gives An Update On Wearable Baseball Technology.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus: Iron-Men 2018 and how to survive the NBA. Nylon Calculus on Discerning decision-making from 3-point shot type.

Soccer: SportTechie: STATS Launches New Artificial Intelligence Video and Analysis Tool Edge. StatsBomb announces New Data, New StatsBomb Radars.

Hockey: Matthew Barlowe’s Tutorial on using Tableau to graph NHL data. Owen Kewell looks to answer Do Tired Defensemen Surrender More Rebounds? @loserpoints Tableau visualization that let’s you see a player’s career WAR trend using both @CorsicaHockey and @EvolvingWild WAR calcs.

Conferences: The Australia Sports Analytics Conference is August 10th. The 2018 RIT Hockey Analytics Conference will be held August 11th in Rochester.

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