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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – December 11th, 2018

Football: Michael Lopez announces a Kaggle competition to make the punt a safer play. Football Outsiders Introduces Rate of Adjusted Pressure. Football Perspective points out Running Backs Have Only 81% Of Rushing Yards This Year. The Sports Information Solutions blog examines which NFL receivers are best at catching long passes. Football Perspective also finds Rushing Quality Has Never Been Higher; Rushing Quantity Never Lower. FiveThirtyEight wonders Did The Packers Squander Aaron Rodgers?

Baseball: FanGraphs: Banning the Shift Is a Solution in Search of a Problem. Baseball Prospectus Revisits History With DRC+. Fancy Stats writes that Harold Baines does not deserve a spot in baseball’s Hall of Fame. Period.. FanGraphs adds Hall Election of Lee Smith Makes Sense, But Harold Baines? The Hardball Times with The Physics of Being Hit by a Pitch. Beyond the Box Score takes A brief look at DRC+ and the minor leagues and DRC+ and the Hall of Fame.  Walk Like a Sabermetrician’s Hitting by Position — 2018. Tom Tango’s Step by Step to interpreting WAR. The Hardball Times on How Many Useful Dimensions of Data Does Trackman Report. Michael Augustine’s interview with Perry Husband on Effective Velocity and Liquid Analytics. Tampa Bay Rays hire “Process and Analytics” coach. Baltimore Sun article: Catching up to the modern game: Orioles put focus on analytics as they aim to rebuild organization. Mike Lambiaso writes that A Changing Game Demands Changing Methods.

Basketball: Thomas Bassine writes about Expected Points Gained, A Framework For Evaluating Actions On A Basketball Court. Steve Shea blog post 3 Feet, 3 Wins. Nylon Calculus on Freedom of movement and stoppage of play.

College Basketball: John Gasaway post: History says one of these 12 teams will win it all.

Soccer: Eliot McKinley with part two of his throw in series. StatsBomb Introduces Goalkeeper Radars. Barca Numbers article on the best finishers in contemporary football (last 12 years or so). FiveThirtyEight says The U.S. Draws An Easy Group At The 2019 World Cup. France? Not So Much.

Tennis: Stephanie Kovalchik and Machar Reid paper on Measuring Clutch Performances In Professional Tennis.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR’s Distances Traveled on Balls in Play — Part III.

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