Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – December 22, 2015

Football: FiveThirtyEight says The Panthers Have A Good Shot At 16-0, Even If They Rest Their Starters. Football Outsiders on Ben Roethlisberger’s Risk Taking. Football Outsiders with Catch Radius analysis.

College football: Football Study Hall 2015-16 S&P+ bowl picks.

High School Football: FiveThirtyEight with an article on The High School Football Coach Who Never Punts.

Baseball: FanGraphs on How (Not) to Set Up a Fastball.  BeyondTheBoxscore writes that The Astros can begin the next phase of the bullpen evolution. TruMedia Is Hosting a Hackathon. The Hardball Times with 2015 Disabled List Information and a Little More. The Toronto Star writes: The Jays’ Joe Sheehan is living life by the numbers. The Hardball Times says The Standards of Today Would Create a Very Different Hall of Fame. FanGraphs with A Different Way to Look at Sliders.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus Notebook: Detroit Pistons and Andre Drummond’s rebounds. FiveThirtyEight points out that The 76ers Would Be The Worst Expansion Team In Modern NBA History. Nylon Calculus 101: Possessions. FiveThirtyEight asks How Did Basketball End Up With Four Versions (And Counting) Of One Stat? Nylon Calculus on Measuring skill vs. luck in NBA defense. FiveThirtyEight writes that Kristaps Porzingis Is A Freak — And Potentially A Superstar. Nylon Calculus Freelance Friday: Bayesian Analysis of 3PT Shooting.

College basketball: Ken Pomeroy’s Week in Review. Pomeroy on Things that predict future shooting percentage. Wayne Winston asks Do College Basketball Teams Improve during the Season?

Soccer: StatsBomb on Ten Intriguing Ligue 1 Attackers. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective on why Why Leicester City Will and Will Not Win the Premier League,

Conferences: Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2016 tickets are on sale now. Seeking nominations for 2016 SABR Analytics Conference Research Awards.

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