Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – February 13th, 2018

Olympics: Five Thirty Eight analysis of Which Winter Olympic Sports See The Most Wipeouts. Five Thirty Eight: NHL Players Aren’t At The Olympics. So Who Are These Guys? HockeyGraphs’ Women’s Olympic Hockey Predictions.

Football: Ed Feng’s podcast with Doug Pederson discussing how the Eagles used analytics to win the Super Bowl. Paper on the Validation of the Australian Football League Player Ratings. Football Perspective Analyzes The Future Tenures of 25 Years of Super Bowl Champion Coordinators.

Baseball: FanGraphs writes that Farm Systems Are Cyclical. Bill James study of offense and attendance. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective asks How Predictive is the 20-80 Scale in Baseball? Baseball Prospectus Cold Takes: What PECOTA Got Wrong. FanGraphs points out The DH Just Had Its Worst Season. Bill James starts his look at the best second baseman of all-time in parts one and two.

Basketball: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article: Bucks are eager to get ahead of the game with analytics. Neil Greenberg says The Cavaliers had a glaring defensive problem, but trades could solve it. FiveThirtyEight believes The Cavs Fixed Some Big Problems. Will It Be Enough? Meanwhile, The 94 Feet Report finds LeBron James and George Hill are a Perfect Match. Nylon Calculus Week 17 in Review: Trade deadline fallout and historical metrics. Second Spectrum explains qSI.

College Basketball: Fancy Stats finds that RPI appears to have too much influence in the NCAA tournament seeding process.

Soccer: StatsBomb’s Taking ‘Em On: Digging Deeper With Dribbles. Paper: The Influence of Playing Position and Contextual Factors on Soccer Players’ Match Differential Ratings of Perceived Exertion: A Preliminary Investigation.

Lacrosse: Moneyball Lacrosse on Jeremy Noble: Mammoth Decision Maker.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR explains Bayesian Piping.

Check out these Pythons: FC Python explains Why Programming Matters in Sports Science.  FC Python tutorial on Scraping Lists Through Transfermarkt and Saving Images. Check out pybaseball – a Python package for baseball data analysis.

General: Marianne Bouchart presents A data journalist’s guide to sports data.

Conferences:  The Sports Analytics Meetup February 15th in Melbourne. The Sloan Sports Analytics Conference February 23rd and 24th in Boston.

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