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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – February 27th, 2018

Sloan Recaps: Some of the panel presentations have already been posted on the 42 Analytics YouTube channel. Nylon Calculus Week 19 in Review: Sloan Conference! Sloan’s own blog recaps Day 1 and Day 2. Stats on the T blog post on Research Highlights from 2018 MIT Sloan Analytics Conference. Ben Falk’s take on the Evolution of Sloan. The Ringer’s Takeaways From the Sloan Conference.

Olympics: The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective on The Importance of Initial Hammer in Olympic Curling. FiveThirtyEight says A Decent Second Week Saved The U.S. From Olympic Catastrophe.

Football: Football Perspective Analyzes Third Down Passes From 1997 to 2017. Pete Dougherty writes about the Packers being poised to profit from NFL data dump.

Baseball: FanGraphs looks at Where Defensive Opportunities Have Declined Most. The Hardball Times on Defining a Baseball Bust.  FanGraphs finds Pitchers Went Up in 2017 and It Didn’t Work. Jen McCaffrey writes –  Boston Red Sox are translating advanced stats into real baseball: Meet Ramon Vazquez, the sabermetrics ‘filter’.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus looks at player consistency. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective asks Do NBA Players Perform Better In Revenge Games?

College Basketball: Heat Check looks to answer Should We Be Worried About Slow-Paced Teams In March?  Bart Torvik tools helps you find the closest analogs from the past to your team’s current NCAA Tournament resume. Jacob Goldstein’s College Player Impact Plus-Minus Tool.

Hockey:  Hockey Graphs Revisits Relative Shot Metrics – Part 1 and Part 2.

Lacrosse: Moneyball Lacrosse on Pat Spencer’s Passing and Vision.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR takes a Explores Hall of Fame Voting. FC rStats Tutorial: Plotting on 3 Axes with Ternary Plots. Asmae Toumi’s slides and material from her R for Data Visualization presentation at Sloan.

Conferences:  The Vancouver Hockey Analytics Conference 2018 is being held on March 2-4. March 9th through 11th is the SABR Analytics Conference in Phoenix.

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