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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – January 1st, 2019

Football: Robby Greer uses Weighted EPA to Improve Prediction. Football Perspective’s Week 17 And Year-End Passing Stats: Mahomes Dominates In Historic Fashion. Football Perspective writes that Saquon Barkley Has Been Inefficient In 2018.  Football Outsiders’ Final 2018 DVOA Ratings. Pro Football Logic finds it’s not so clear that eliminated teams are better off losing for draft position when accounting for salaries.

College Football: Football Study Hall’s Bowl season Five Factors box scores.

Baseball: Russell Eassom examines How well is your team using the shift? Best Of Baseball Prospectus 2018: Walking Away From The Shift and Why DRC+. John Dewan addresses the “Ban the Shift” discussion. Daniel Marks: The Harold Baines Hall of Fame Wing for Long and Meritorious Service. Beyond the Box Score’s Devan Fink examines the correlation between WAR and wins. Tom Tango’s posts on Component wOBA and random variation in park factors.

Basketball: Justin Jacobs’ post and code for Applying Role Alignment to Tracking Data. Nylon Calculus lists The NBA players with the weakest supporting casts. Justin Jacobs on The Art of Ranking Players.

College Basketball: Jordan Sperber’s latest podcast.

Soccer: Garry Gelade on Valuing Passes and Thoughts on Metrification. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective’s Closer Look At Finishing Ability Part 2: Who are the Best and Worst Finishers Of Easy Chances?. StatsBomb’s Rangers v Celtic: Old Firm Derby This Weekend Could Decide Title. FiveThirtyEight says Sorry, Man City — The Premier League Title Is Liverpool’s To Lose. American Sports Analysis’ Favorite ASA Articles of 2018.

General: FiveThirtyEight identifies The Best Players And Biggest Upsets Of 2018 In (Almost) Any Sport. Tom Tango on How to create WAR for any sport.

Check out these Pythons: Tinniam Ganesh with Pitching yorkpy … short of good length to IPL – Part 1.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR’s tutorial on 2018 Retrosheet Data and Length of a PA. Stats and Snake Oil offers code to Predict the Premier League with Dixon-Coles. Luke Benz adds team colors to his ncaahoopR package.

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