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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – January 30th, 2018

Football: Football Perspective writes that The Super Bowl Participants Didn’t Get Much Help From Rookies (Again). Neil Greenberg says The Patriots are getting the calls, and that shouldn’t stop in Super Bowl LII. FiveThirtyEight on How Tom Brady Became The King Of Comebacks and The One Patriots Stat That Eagles Fans Probably Don’t Want To Hear. Football Perspective’s Guest Post: The truth about passing and rushing in the NFL.

Baseball: FanGraphs: The Prospect Who Dropped the Most in the Rankings. Baseball Prospectus’ Pitching Scores: Power, Command, and Stamina. FanGraphs finds Ballpark Playing Surfaces Are Shrinking in a Surprising Way. The 2018 Hardball Times is out in online form. Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab: Nitro Zones, part 1 of N.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus: Game Control and a new take on team metrics. Nylon Calculus offers Closure on 3-point team defense. Nylon Calculus analyzes How missing a rookie season affects development.

Soccer: American Soccer Analysis on Albert Camus, Don Garber, and the health of MLS.

Lacrosse: Moneyball Lacrosse on Toronto’s Southpaws.

General: The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective addresses How Much Correlation Between Seasons Is There in Each Major North American Sports League?

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR’s Tribute to 2018 HOF Inductees. Alice Sweeting’s paper on Visualizing & analyzing team-sport athlete positional data via k-means clustering.

Conferences:  SportCon in Minneapolis on February 2nd. The Sports Analytics Meetup February 15th in Melbourne. The Sloan Sports Analytics Conference February 23rd and 24th in Boston.

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