Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – January 5, 2016

Football: The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective revisits its NFL Coach Hot Seat Model. FiveThirtyEight says Chip Kelly’s Problem Wasn’t The Hurry-Up — It Was Everything Else.

College Football: Football Study Hall with 2015-16 college football bowls: Five Factors box scores,

Baseball: FiveThirtyEight says Mike Piazza Was More Than A Big Bat. Michael Wenz, on Baseball Prospectus, provides a review of the published openWAR paper. The Hardball Times on The Best Long Plate Appearances of 2015. FanGraphs says The Yankees Bullpen Probably Won’t Be Any Better. Baseball Prospectus with The Season`s Craziest Second-Half Split by Dustin Palmateer.

Basketball: The best of Nylon Calculus 2015The best of Hardwood Paroxysm 2015.

College Basketball: Ken Pomeroy on Preparing for the coming revolution.

Soccer: StatsBomb with The Premier League Half Season Stat Review.

Your moment of R: Jim Albert, on Exploring Baseball Data with R, Plotting Career Trajectories of Component Rates. R Cheat Sheets.

Conferences: Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2016 tickets are on sale now. Seeking nominations for 2016 SABR Analytics Conference Research Awards.

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