Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – July 10th, 2018

Football: Noah Riley produces a study on the NFL 2-point conversion. Football Perspective on Completion Percentage, Yards per Completion, And Pareto Efficiency. Football Outsiders’ Pressure by Number of Pass-Rushers 2017. Football Perspective analyzes Quarterback Starts as a Favorite, And Records As A Favorite/Underdog. SportsTechie reports Game-Changing NFL Ball Tracking Data Will Be Shared League-Wide.

Baseball: FanGraphs examines The MLB Landscape of Negative WAR. Fancy Stats writes Analytics killed the bunt. Now a new data-driven strategy could bring it back to life. Baseball Prospectus Feature: OPS and wOBA, Briefly Revisited. Beyond the Box Score On Jon Gray and the use of “luck” factors. Mitchel Lichtman looks at Recency Bias and Pitcher ERA at Mid-Season and whether pitch framing can be worth that much.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus believes Big men are getting under-valued in free agency. The 94 Feet Report De’Aaron Fox and the Importance of Situation.

Soccer: FiveThirtyEight says France’s Benchwarmers Are Worth More Than Most Starting Lineups. StatsBomb’s Pressing Issues at the World Cup. FiveThirtyEight identifies The World Cup Players Who Step Up Most For Their Countries.

Your moment of R: Ron Yurko’s second blogdown post introduces to using Laplace approximation to model NFL score differentials, determining the value of passing efficiency relative to rushing with EPA from #nflscrapR and the effect of strong prior.

Conferences: Joint Statistical Meetings 2018 July 28th to August 2nd in Vancouver. Videos from The Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference are available.

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