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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – July 12 ,2016

Football: Football Outsiders publishes Quarterbacks and Pressure, 2015 and 2015 Play-Action Defense.

Baseball: FanGraphs on The Adjustments That Made the All-Stars. The Hardball Times is Digging Deep Into Inside Edge’s Fielding Data. Beyond the Box Score Interview with Brian Kenny. FanGraphs on The Worst Called Ball of the First Half. Baseball Prospectus Feature: Nothing Slows Rich Teams Except Themselves. FanGraphs with The Most Balanced Hitter of the First Half. Baseball Prospectus Feature: A Tried-and-True Pitching Strategy Doesn`t Work Anymore. FiveThirtyEight on Whether Baseball’s All-Time All-Star Team Would Go 162-0. Washington Post article on The physics behind hitting a home run. The Wall St. Journal writes that Baseball Remembers How to Score Runs while the New York Times says that Home Runs Are Way, Way Up. So Are the Theories Why,

Basketball: FiveThirtyEight bids Farewell To Tim Duncan, The Greatest Two-Way Player In Modern NBA History. Nylon Calculus on Does Durant make the Warriors a better shooting team. FiveThirtyEight on What Their NBA Projections Got Right (And Wrong) Last Season . Nylon Calculus Freelance Friday: Birthday Bias in the NBA. Nylon Calculus says ‘Maniac Russ’ best suited for Oklahoma City.

Soccer: StatsBomb July Mailbag – Gotze and Nolito Analysis plus Discount Center Forward Shopping. American Soccer Analysis First Touch: Colorado’s waste of resources.

Tennis: FiveThirtyEight article about Serena Williams Ties Graf’s Majors Record Thanks To A Remarkable Run In Her 30s,

Your Moment of R: BaseballWithR on using R to determine Estimates of Peak Age and Running a R Script as a Program.

Conferences: The Asia-Pacific Sports Analytics Conference to be held in Melbourne on July 22nd. Society for American Baseball Research to hold SABR 46 July 27-31 in Miami. Sixth Annual Sabermetrics Seminar to Benefit the Jimmy Fund and the Angioma Alliance August 13-14 in Boston.

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