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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – July 24th, 2018

Football: Football Perspective’s series on Playing Time, Roster Spots, and the Current CBA Part I , Part II and Part III. Football Outsiders’ 2017 Play-Action Defense and Success of Players by College Conference: Defense.

Baseball: FanGraphs examines How Well Do Good Relievers Hold Up? Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab: Outfield fielding components of Reaction, Route, Burst, Speed. Baseball Prospectus’ Cold Takes: A Species Near Extinction. FanGraphs thinks 2018 could be The Year of the Pitcher(s). FiveThirtyEight with a piece on The Most Consistent Hitter In Baseball History. The Hardball Times with A New Metric for the Skill Shown on Batted Balls. Tom Tango looks to answer Does it make sense to leave a huge hole in the outfield? FanGraphs ponders Is the Baseball Dead?

Basketball: Jacob Goldstein adds a Wins Likely Range to his live win projection tracker:

Soccer: American Soccer Analysis’ Setting the Table Week 20 – Steffen’s Value, Quintero’s Arrival, and Fagundez’s Production. Ben Torvaney on what Expected Goals actually tells us about teams. StatsBomb asks Did Messi Fail Argentina, or Did Argentina Fail Messi?

Your moment of R: Josh Hermsmeyer’s R code to test the year-to-year stability of depth of target for all receivers.

Conferences: Joint Statistical Meetings 2018 July 28th to August 2nd in Vancouver.

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