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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – July 24th, 2019

Football: Josh Hermsmeyer says Ezekiel Elliott Is Not Worth The Money He Wants. Football Outsiders’ Run Defense by Number of Backs 2018.

Baseball: Craig Goldstein writes In Remembrance of Rob McQuown. FanGraphs analyzes Changes in WAR and Playing Time Based on Age Since 1980. Beyond the Box Score writes about The Perfect Storm: How we have reached the biggest month for offense in the history of baseball. Neil Paine answers Why Is Bryce Harper’s Old Team Ahead Of Bryce Harper’s New Team? Beyond the Box Score on Manny Machado and paying for the bell curve. Tom Tango’s post on How players respond to the temperature. FanGraphs wonders Where are the 60 Home Run Hitters? Travis Sawchik writes that Josh Hader’s Fastball Is Baseball’s Most Mysterious Pitch. FanGraphs’ Trade Value Series Skews Young (Again). Steven Goldleaf’s piece on forming divisions based on quality of play. Evan Drellich at The Athletic details The Astros opening baseball ops to McKinsey consultants, from scouting to R&D and the farm. The Hardball Times’ Baseball Coding with Rust – Intro. Mark Simon with an interesting look at the impact of shifts on balls hit up the middle.

College Baseball: Alan Reifman’s Article on how he computed players’ offensive WAR for Big 12 baseball is now out in Spring/Summer 2019 SABR College Baseball Newsletter.

Basketball: Wall St. Journal Sports article: Computers Are the New Basketball Coaches. Nylon Calculus: How can we visualize a player’s shooting gravity?

College Basketball: Ken Pomeroy on Which box score stat from the first half is the most useful in predicting the winner. Jordan Sperber’s Hoop Vision Weekly: Defending the Three. Three Man Weave dives into the data to gauge how much of a leap a team can make just off internal improvement.

Soccer: Eva Murray with a detailed guide on how to build a Voronoi diagram built in Tableau. StatsBomb with A Sneak Peak at IQ Tactics + A Brief History of Radials/Sonars/Wagon Wheels in Soccer. American Soccer Analysis on How Minnesota United is Exceeding Expectations.

Tennis: Heavy Topspin reaches Another Match Charting Project Milestone: 6,000 Matches!

Check out these Pythons: Ryan Davis’ RAPM Tutorial.

Conferences: The Joint Statistical Meetings 2019 are July 27th to August 1st in Denver.

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