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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – June 18th, 2019

Football: Football Perspective points out There Were More Offense Touchdowns and Field Goal Attempts Than Punts in 2018. Football Outsiders’ 2018 Passing Plus-Minus.

Baseball: Tom Froemming’s Part 1 of a series of introductory Baseball Savant tutorials. FanGraphs on The Sinker Paradox. Beyond the Box Score finds Catchers are doing better at the plate than they have in years. Baseball Prospectus analyzes Statcast Exit Velocity: A Statistical Assessment of Park Effects. FanGraphs on The Most Predictable Man in Baseball. Andrew Kyne looks at The Effect of Outfield Position Changes on DRS. Bill James Kicks around an old Runs Produced Formula. Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab: Creating the Jump Metric. Bill Petti’s New addition to Baseball Tools . Mark Simon examines Kevin Kiermaier’s Amazing Defensive Runs Saved Total. FanGraphs ponders Is Popup Rate a Skill? Check out the stats pages at the new Fielding Bible website.

Basketball: FiveThirtyEight writes that The Raptors Traded For An MVP, And It Got Them Over The Championship Hump. FiveThirtyEight says Playoff Kawhi Leonard Is The New Playoff LeBron James.

Soccer: American Soccer Analysis on The Impact of VAR on Penalties. StatsBomb: Japan are struggling, Australia might be fine and other early World Cup statistical nuggets.

Hockey: RJ Weise at posted ideas for a book that eventually became one big blogpost on hockey, analytics, Data Visualization , math and Statistics. Dave MacPherson shares all the data he’s scraped this year on NHL prospects. Matthew Reyers shares his work on NHL Imputation.

Cricket: Danny Dinsdale’s blog post on Modelling cricket innings composition.

Check out these Pythons: Py_ball’s tutorial on NBA Draft Combine data.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR models Home Run Talent Distributions. Tinniam V Ganesh’s R package cricketr now can analyze performances of Test, ODI and T20 teams.

Conferences: The Canada Sports Analytics Conference is June 21st in Toronto. In Seattle on June 22-23 is the Inaugural Sounders FC Analytics ConferenceSABR 49 will be held June 26-30 in San Diego.

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