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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – June 19th, 2018

Football: Josh Hermsmeyer shares his findings (under the Research tab). Football Perspective examines whether Interceptions More Or Less Damaging Now. Bryan Frye with a piece on Championship Leverage. Football Perspective on Antonio Brown, Low Draft Status, and Receiving Dominance. Football Perspective’s Passing from 1950 to 2017 (in graphic form). Adam Steele guest post on Football Perspective: Surplus Yards And QB Seasons.

Baseball: FanGraphs believes A Bigger Strike Zone Is a Bad Idea. The Hardball Times’ history of interrupting no-hit history. Baseball Prospectus’ Circle Change: Lost in the Bunt-muda Triangle. FanGraphs on Trout, Davis, and the Largest Seasonal WAR Differentials. Tom Tango’s blog post on Temperature-resistant speed+angle pairs. Beyond the Box Score says Welcome to the new era of bullpens. Andrew Kyne at Bill James Online Evaluates the Phillies’ Infield Shifts. Toledo Blade profile of Jim Albert.

Basketball: Ben Alamar on which teams use draft analytics best. Nylon Calculus: NBA and 2017-18 return on investments. FiveThirtyEight talks about The Next Phase Of NBA Superteam Technology: Creating One From Scratch. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective’s NBA MVP Predictions. Thomas Bassine’s blog post on Which College Statistics Are Most Correlated With NBA Success. Nylon Calculus wonders How will we know if the tanking reforms work?

Soccer: Luke Bornn, Dan Cervone and Javier Fernandez explore the evolution of soccer analytics. American Soccer Analysis’ World Cup Team Preview You Didn’t Know You Needed: The Referees. FiveThirtyEight: Messi Walks Better Than Most Players Run. FiveThirtyEight’s 2018 World Cup: Favorites, Sleepers And Most Pivotal Games.

Tennis: Peter Wetz on Men’s Doubles Season Starts and the Case of Oliver Marach and Mate Pavic.

Golf: FiveThirtyEight finds that Jordan Spieth Forgot How To Putt.

Your moment of R: Ben Dilday steps you through the R code necessary to build record in one-run game visualization. Joe Gallagher visualizes StatsBomb free event data with the soccermatics r package.

Conferences: SABR 48 is June 20-24 in Pittsburgh. The Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference is June 21st at Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

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