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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – March 19th, 2019

Football: Ben Baldwin analyzes Play-Action Passing and Game Conditions. Football Perspective looks at Marino, Griese, Tannehill, and Miami Passing History. FiveThirtyEight’s Josh Hermsmeyer examines whether The Giants Made The Browns Super Bowl Contenders. Football Perspective announces Virginia Safety Juan Thornhill Had The Top Adjusted Vertical At 2019 Combine and Alex Barnes Was The Combine Bench Press Champion. The GridFE’s Seasonal Prediction Review. Danny Heifetz crunched the data on multiyear deals to see how little security players have even after signing them.

College Football: Football Study Hall Revisits the 2014 college football season with advanced box scores.

Baseball: FanGraphs writes that The Pitch Clock Is (Probably) Not Being Enforced in Spring Training. BeyondTheBoxScore says The effect of the three-batter minimum is being underrated. FanGraphs figures The Pitch Clock Is (Probably) Not Being Enforced in Spring Training. FiveThirtyEight’s Travis Sawchik wonders What If The National League Had A DH? The Hardball Times on Spring Training’s One-Hit Wonders. Alex Vigderman’s 2019 SABR Analytics Conference Recap. J.P. Hoornstra article: In the war between science and aesthetics, trying to save baseball teams from themselves. Alan Nathan introduces a new section on his web site called Optimizing the Swing. Andrew Kyne tries to find candidates for a four-man outfield. Mark Simon gives the Athletics an ‘A’ for their shift defense in 2018.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus: Can a defense influence ball movement? FiveThirtyEight on The NBA’s Other Offensive Revolution: Never Turning The Ball Over. Nylon Calculus Tosses a wet blanket on the hot hand.

College Basketball: FiveThirtyEight’s Guide To The 2019 NCAA Men’s Tournament. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective on March Madness and The Stats Behind Cinderella Stories. Jordan Sperber publishes The Hoop Vision NCAA Tourney Bible. Jake Flancer’s March Madness Stats Shiny App is now live.

Soccer: StatsBomb’s Regretting Regression: Arsenal, Spurs and the Limits of Regression Analysis in Football. FiveThirtyEight asks Can England Win The Champions League? EightFivePoints discusses whether we overestimate the impact of recent form.

Tennis: Stephanie Kovalchik blog post on Head-to-Head Effects.

Golf: Joe Peta has a piece on TPC Sawgrass and the random nature of results.

Your moment of R: Bill Petti’s new release of baseballr is out.

Conferences: StatsBomb’s Introduction to Analytics for Professional Football is March 20th in Bath, England. Also on March 20th, the OptaPro Konferenz in Cologne, Germany.

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