Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – March 22, 2015

Football: Football Outsiders examines Tight Ends and the Combine. ESPN reports that NFL teams prepping for RFID data dump. Football Outsiders looks at 2016 Free Agency Cost-Benefit Analysis.

Baseball: FanGraphs shows that Designated Hitter is the Highest Paid MLB Position. FiveThirtyEight on How Baseball’s New Data Is Changing Sabermetrics. The Hardball Times on The Intrinsic Value of a Batted Ball. FanGraphs with 2016 Offensive Projections Visualization.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus with VORP Speed: Why last year’s Golden State Warriors are the best analog for the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls. Nylon Calculus writes that The San Antonio Spurs slowed down the Golden State Warriors. Nylon Calculus Visualizing WNBA history.

College Basketball: FiveThirtyEight calculates Texas A&M Pulled Off A 1-in-3,000 Comeback. FiveThirtyEight on Michigan State And The Biggest NCAA Tournament Upsets Ever. Nylon Calculus presents Diamonds Dancing: Predicting The Madness. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective says Don’t Trust Teams That Have Outperformed Expectations. FiveThirtyEight says These Are The Only 4 Teams With Any Chance Of Beating The UConn Women. FiveThirtyEight writes that Late NCAA Bracket Submissions Show We’re A Nation Of Procrastinators. FiveThirtyEight asks How Much Did The NCAA Selection Committee Screw Your Team Over? FiveThirtyEight says No. 16 Seeds Are Due*. FiveThirtyEight on How A Data Scientist Who’d Never Heard Of Basketball Mastered March Madness. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective asks Is Tom Izzo The God of March or Has MSU Just Been Underseeded?

Soccer: American Soccer Analysis on Pass Completion Rate: Does it Really Matter? StatsBomb on What’s Gone Wrong For Arsenal, Man City, Newcastle and Sunderland.

Conferences: SportsPro Live at Wembley Stadium March 22-23. The Sports Analytics Innovation Summit is set for April 13-14. The SPEIA Basketball Analytics Summit to be held April 15-16 at UNC.

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