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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – March 8, 2016

Football: The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective on Predicting Offensive Play-calling in the NFL. Football Outsiders publishes 2015 Adjusted Games Lost: By Unit. FiveThirtyEight writes Peyton Manning Had A Hall Of Fame Career. Then He Had Another One.

College football: Football Study Hall on 2010 Auburn, 1968 Houston, and college football’s *almost* perfect offenses.

Baseball: FanGraphs on Intentional-Walk Immunity, Featuring the Blue Jays. CMU Tartan Sports Analytics on a new method for clustering pitchers. The Hardball Times asks How Much Is Your Team’s All-Star Worth in Prospects? Cole Figueroa takes calculated approach in hopes of making Pirates roster. FanGraphs wonders if Maybe Ground-Ball Pitchers Actually Are a Bad Bet? FiveThirtyEight says that if you’re Bored With ‘Balance’ In Baseball? 2016 Could Be Your Year. The Hardball Times Quantifies the Trade-Off Between Power and Contact. MGL on Baseball asks How important is Bayes in advanced defensive metrics? FanGraphs on The Velocity of Ballplayers.

Basketball: FiveThirtyEight says Lakers Over Warriors Was Only The 23rd-Biggest Upset In NBA History. Nylon Calculus Freelance Friday: Home-Court Assist Biases. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective on whether Steph Curry’s Three-Point Streak Will Ever End. Nylon Calculus Jump Ball Winning and Losing Streaks.

College Basketball: FiveThirtyEight writes that SMU And Louisville Are Two Of The Best Teams Ever Banned From The NCAA Tournament and Elite Prospects Like Ben Simmons Almost Never Miss The Tournament

Soccer: StatsBomb ponders Has Pochettino Built A Sustainably Good Tottenham Team?  American Soccer Analysis’ 2016 ASA Season Previews: Every Dang One of Them! StatsBomb with Arsenal: Falling Behind Is A Problem.

Dating: The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective says The Kate Upton Effect is Real: How Dating Celebrities Affects Athletic Performance.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR on Making Sense of a 300 Midseason Batting Average.

Conferences: Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2016 March 11-12 in Boston is sold out. Registration is now available for the SABR Analytics Conference March 10-12, schedule has been announced. The Sports Analytics Innovation Summit is set for April 13-14. The SPEIA Basketball Analytics Summit to be held April 15-16 at UNC.

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