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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – November 3, 2015

Football: Prior to Week 8, says 40 Percent Of The NFL Is Real.

College football: Football Study Hall tries to quantify Clemsoning.

Baseball: Hardball Times says The Royals Are A Sabermetrics Team. Baseball Prospectus writes about One Inning, Two Decisions, One Champion. Owen Watson on The Two-Strike Trend That Helped Decide the Series. on The Cost To The Mets Of Leaving Matt Harvey On The Mound. Eno Sarris tried to decide if baseball is bad at bunting.

Basketball: asks Can An Astrophysicist Change The Way We Watch Sports? Nylon Calculus puts Three-Point Shooters in Historical Context. Nylon Calculus examines Defensive adjustments to Moreyball.

College basketball: TechGraphs writer Brice Russ goes Behind the Code with Ken Pomeroy. Pomeroy publishes his 2016 preseason ratings.

Your moment of R: Jim Albert uses R in Predicting Murphy’s World Series Home Runs. Albert also looks at World Series Swing and Miss Stats.

Conferences: Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2016 tickets are on sale now.

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