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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – October 15th, 2019

Football: Adam Steele looks to answer When Does ANY/A Get It Wrong? Timo Riske’s PFF Data Study: PFF Data Study: Passing performance against man and zone coverage. Michael Lopez announces the 2020 Big Data Bowl. Nate Weller Uses charting data to look at how effective some of the staple concepts from the Air Raid have been in the NFL. Josh Hermsmeyer ponders If Christian McCaffrey Is The NFL’s MVP, Why Aren’t The Panthers Better? Football Perspective confirms Jason Garrett Cost Dallas A Chance To Win The Game. Football Outsiders’ Week 6 DVOA Ratings.

College Football: FiveThirtyEight points out There Are Fewer Easy Wins For The Power Five. Just Ask The Pac-12. Football Outsiders’ FEI Week 6 Ratings. FiveThirtyEight: Joe Burrow Is Leading LSU’s Almost Unrecognizable Offense.

Baseball: FanGraphs examines Has MLB Pulled a Switcheroo with the Baseballs This October? Rob Arthur believes The Rocket Ball Has Disappeared In October. Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab: Introducing Pitch Palettes. Hareeb al-Saq analyzes Reliever Sequencing, Real or Not? Beyond the Box Score points out The decreasing qualifying offer is a bigger problem than it seems. FanGraphs details Brian McCann’s Great Career and Fascinating Hall of Fame Case. Baseball Prospectus Expanding the Zone: Do Shadows Affect Postseason Play? Travis Sawchik at FiveThirtyEight says Starting Pitchers Are Getting More Work This Postseason. They Deserve It. Baseball ProGUESTus: Using Predictive Modeling to Identify the Variables in a Batter’s Swing Decision. FiveThirtyEight’s Neil Paine writes The Nats Are Peaking At The Perfect Time. Daniel Marks breaks down the Cy Young Award races.

Basketball: FiveThirtyEight Introduces RAPTOR, Theirr New Metric For The Modern NBA. Nylon Calculus debuts its Player comparison tool box. Nylon Calculus: Who is the most consistent scorer ever?

College Basketball: Jordan Sperber’s Hoop Vision Weekly: Is Experience Overrated?

Soccer: American Soccer Analysis with This is the Very Model of a Modern Major Soccer League. StatsBomb wonders What’s up with Manchester City?.

Hockey: @EvolvingWild Twitter thread on something very different about how the NHL is recording event location coordinates this season. Wall St. Journal article about Big Data Coming to the National Hockey League.

For your listening pleasure: Wharton Moneyball (Eric Winston/Sam Monson) Steve Palazzolo, Chilling with Charlie (Jack Fahey-Gilmour), Expected Value (Jeff Bennett) and Off The Charts (Matt Manocherian/Aaron Schatz) podcasts.

Conferences: On November 1 and 2 in Pittsburgh is the Carnegie Mellon Sports Analytics Conference.

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