Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – October 20, 2015

Football: The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective examines Which Teams got the Most Unlucky with Interceptions. Trey Causey asks Win probability plots — useful tool? Football Outsiders publishes NFL Injuries Part III: Variation by Position and Age.

College football: Bill Connelly, in his Varsity Numbers forum, uses his S&P+ rankings to determine which team’s performance is most consistent.

Baseball: A published paper on Matching and Winning? The Impact of Upper and Middle Managers on Team Performance. FanGraph article on The Importance of Fly Balls for Hitters. Beyond the Box Score releases McEwing scores for 2015! Kiley McDaniel at FanGraphs rolls out the 2016-18 sortable draft ranking boards. Owen Watson at FanGraphs writes about (Mis)handling David Price.

Basketball: The NBA PhD Program – Year 2. BasketballAnalyticsBook.com introduces PISS-Poor Shot Selection. The 2015-16 NBA Preview from Hardwood Paroxysm is available. Nylon Calculus on How to Win (or Lose) at Playoff Basketball. Nylon Calculus with The Worst On/Off-Court Numbers from 2014/15.

Soccer: The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective – Chollima Tactics: North Korean Team Strategy at the 1966 FIFA World Cup. Michael Caley on Premier League Projections and New Expected Goals.

Your moment of R: From R-Bloggers.com, Learning R: Index of Online R Courses.

Check out these Pythons: Introduction to Statistics using Python.

In the online classroom: It’s not too late to start Wayne Winston’s Math Behind Moneyball course on Coursera. Webinar: Using Machine Learning to Beat Your Friends in a NFL Confidence Pool.

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