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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – September 10th, 2019

Football: Chase Stuart at Football Perspective offers his Thoughts On The Value Of A Passing Offense. Football Perspective analyzes the relationship between Super Bowl Teams And Passing Efficiency. Mark Simon looks to answer Who Are The NFL’s Top Quarterbacks? Neil Greenberg looks to Bust the biggest NFL myths for 2019: Stop looking only at sack totals! Football Perspective examines 2019 Pre-Season Wins Totals: Who Rose And Fell? FiveThirtyEight’s Josh Hermsmeyer points out If Vegas Predicts Your NFL Team For Six Wins, You May Be In Luck. Football Outsiders’ Week 1 DVOA Ratings. Steven Ruiz at For The Win analyzes How NFL Defenses Fell So Far Behind Modern Offenses.

Baseball: FanGraphs publishes Beating FIP. FiveThirtyEight ponders Do We Even Need Minor League Baseball? FanGraphs Adjusts the Twins’ New Home Run Record. Baseball Prospectus Moonshot: Tanking Is Responsible for a Big Chunk of MLB’s Attendance Problems. Beyond the Box Score says The Dodgers are elite defensively. Or maybe just average. We’re not sure. Mark Simon identifies August’s Top Defender. Neil Paine at FiveThirtyEight writes that MVPs Used To Need A Good Team Behind Them. Then Mike Trout Came Along. Player Elo has now been published on FanGraphs.

Basketball: Seth Partnow at The Athletic writes about not letting “perfect” stand in the way of “better” and how analytics actually works. Nylon Calculus Introduces defense-adjusted 3-point percentage. Nylon Calculus Projects Jimmy Butler back into a lead offensive role and wonders Can Kyrie Irving carry the Brooklyn Nets to 50 wins?

College Basketball: Jordan Sperber’s Zone-a-rama + Summer Review (HV Weekly 9/8/19). John Gasaway examines Did Bill Russell cripple the NIT?

Hockey: Hockey Graphs post: Visualizing and Quantifying Passing on the Power Play. Hockey Graphs on Team Level Zone Exits.

Soccer: StatsBomb says Watford changed managers too early, or too late and makes The case for Brighton.

Tennis: Heavy Topspin on Andreescu, Medvedev, and the Future According to Elo.

Your Moment of R: Lee Sharpe shares his code to enhance your use of nlfscrapR.

Conferences: On September 11-12 in Vienna is the Football Analytics and Performance Summit. The RIT Sports Analytics Conference is September 14th in Rochester. The New England Symposium on Statistics in Sports will be held September 28th in Cambridge.

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