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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – September 27, 2016

Football: FiveThirtyEight says The Vikings And Ravens Are In For A Rude Awakening. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective points out that Even With Rule Changes, Touchbacks Have Yet To Increase. FiveThirtyEight on What’s Wrong With Aaron Rodgers.

College Football: Football Outsiders on Turnover Margins.

Baseball: FanGraphs with The Most Extraordinary Team Statistic. Baseball Reference offers A Statistical Trip Thru Vin Scully’s Extraordinary Career. Tom Tango Statcast NoLab: What is the infield?. FiveThirtyEight writes that Baseball Lost A Potential All-Timer In José Fernández. Baseball Prospectus on Pitching Backward: What We Know About Spin Rate by Jeff Long. Tom Tango Statcast Lab: Barrels. FanGraphs on The Worst Called Ball On Record. FiveThirtyEight lists Baseball’s Savviest (And Crappiest!) Bullpen Managers.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus with Highly plausible win projections 2016-2017.  Nylon Calculus on Kevin Garnett: Most valuable player of his generation.

Hockey: Hockey Graphs on Tactalytics: Defending the Pass.

Soccer:  StatsBomb with Premier League Strength At The Top, Waste Of Bony And Mané Heat.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR offers code to answer the question How Many Home Runs Will be Hit in 2016? Chris Hamm has re-written much of the code from “Baseball with R” following Hadley Wickham’s “tidy data” paradigm.

Submissions requested: For the Midwest Sports Analytics Meeting on November 19th.

Conferences: Boston Hockey Analytics Conference on October 1st. Central College hosts he Midwest Sports Analytics Meeting on November 19th.

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