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Just think where the Cardinals would be if Molina was any damn good

Yes, at 19-6 the St. Louis Cardinals are off to their best start since 1899. But just think where they would be if Yadier Molina weren’t in decline. Rob Arthur from writes about the decline of Molina’s pitch framing. Since 2008, Molina has been the fifth-best pitch-framer in the game. He has saved 114 runs (or about 11 wins) over that span. Since 2013 when he was third-best, he has fallen to 60th this season. Arthur points out that, at 32, he is the heavy decline cycle for catchers. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s wear and tear but it’s probably not smal sample size given the 2-year trend. If he could just get it together, maybe they could play .800 ball.

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