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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – September 1, 2015

Performance improvement: Bleacher Report article on how Preseason ACL Injuries Can Be Drastically Reduced.

Competitive balance: Forbes article on whether competitive balance drives interest in sports.

Football: Wall St. Journal article on The NFL’s Best Practice: No Wasted Time. Football Perspective introduces Why Do Teams Run The Ball, Part II.

College football: Football Study Hall says Mobile quarterbacks often give you higher upside and lower downside.

Baseball: Bill James on the predictive power of Recent Game vs. Full Season Performance for Pitchers. USA Today article on the challenge MLB teams face delivering info to players.

Basketball: Buddy Grizzard at uses SportVU data to help explain why the Atlanta Hawks will be contenders this upcoming NBA season.

R: O’Reilly’s offers Data Science with R Learning Path for $99 through September 2nd.

Conferences: Wearable Tech in Sport Summit in San Francisco on September 9 and 10.

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