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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – April 16th, 2019

Football: article on How mathematicians are trying to make NFL schedules fairer. Football Perspective on The Seahawks, Russell Wilson, And Quality Over Quantity. Football Outsiders’ Snap-Weighted Age: 2018 NFL Rosters. Football Perspective points out The Vikings Had The Worst Fumble Luck In 2018. Football Outsiders’ Playmaker Score 2019. Bill Connelly believes These advanced stats tell us which 2019 NFL QB prospects will actually be good.

Baseball: FanGraphs on What the 16-Game Mark Tells Us About Teams’ Futures. Bill James has A few thoughts about finding the appropriate value for Mel Ott. FiveThirtyEight wonders What’s Behind MLB’s Bizarre Spike In Contract Extensions? FanGraphs finds Fastballs Are Faster (and Rarer) Than Ever. Andrew Kyne breaks down plate discipline by pitch type. BeyondTheBoxScore article on Pitching to contact in a strikeout market . The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective examines How Unlikely Was Chris Davis’ Hitless Streak? Driveline Baseball’s Pairing Baseball and Hittrax data Part 2: Specific Focuses.

Basketball: Justin Jacobs on The Action Network. FiveThirtyEight’s Story Of The NBA Regular Season In 9 Charts. Nylon Calculus: Age-related comparisons for every NBA playoff team. FiveThirtyEight ponders Which NBA Player Literally Gives His Team The Most Value? Nylon Calculus shows How J.J. Redick relies on Joel Embiid for shot creation.

Hockey: FiveThirtyEight says The Lightning’s Historic Dominance Won’t Matter Without A Cup.

Soccer: StatsBomb on Modeling Passing Uniqueness.

Tennis: Heavy Topspin identifies The Most Predictable Woman in Tennis. Stephanie Kovalchik does More Exploration on Using Match Stats to Classify Playing Styles.

General: The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective Examines the NBA and NHL Playoff Formats; Are They Really That Unfair?

Conferences: SportsPro Live is April 30th to May 1st in London.

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