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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – April 9th, 2019

Football: Football Perspective publishes 2018 Rushing Success Rates By Team Offense and Defense. Football Outsiders’ Failed Completions 2018. Football Perspective’s Adjusting Passer Rating for Era: Updated 2018 Career Ratings. The Sports Information Solutions blog with a statistical comparison of Haskins, Lock and Jones.

Baseball: FanGraphs provides An Update on How to Value Draft Picks and Analyzes the Value of International Signing Bonus Money. Baseball Prospectus’ DRC+ and Uncertainty: An Early-Season Look. BeyondTheBoxScore Introduces KILA Projections: An attempt at forecasting major league hitting performance. Baseball Prospectus goes Entirely Beyond WOWY: A Breakdown of DRC+. FanGraphs obtained 2019 MLB Draft Signing Bonus Pool and Pick Values. Daniel Marks Reviews 50 years of the pitchers who have served in this closer role. Tom Tango on Fixed v Custom Win Probability. Andrew Kyne on visualizing plate discipline. BeyondTheBoxScore article on How the Yankees created a dynamic analytics department. Boston Globe writes that Red Sox are among teams committing increased resources to analytics. Baseball Savant now has video for every pitch since 2018.

Basketball: FiveThirtyEight explains Why This NBA Rookie Class May Be The Best Of The Century.

College Basketball: FiveThirtyEight notes that Virginia And Texas Tech Didn’t Need Flashy Recruits To Get To The Title Game. The Raleigh News & Observer profiles @halfcourthoops’ Gibson Pyper. Jen Booton goes Inside the University of Virginia Basketball Team’s Analytics Weapon.

Soccer: StatsBomb: Germans Have the Most (Footballing) Fun.

Tennis: Heavy Topspin looks Forecasts Future Felix With ATP Aging Patterns. Stephanie Kovalchik examines What Can Match Stats Tell Us About Playing Styles?

Golf: FiveThirtyEight believes Tiger Woods May Not Get A Better Shot At Another Green Jacket.

General: Meyappan Subbaiah starts a repository of all the sports data/packages available.

Your moment of R: Ben Torvaney’s ggsoccer can now support any pitch specification (i.e. any data provider).

Conferences: April 12-13 is the SPEIA Basketball Analytics Summit in Durham, NC.

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