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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – August 22nd, 2017

Football: FiveThirtyEight writes that Few SEC Running Backs Have Found The NFL To Be ‘Really Easy’. Football Perspective talks about Gray Ink For Percentage of Team Receiving. Football Perspective explains Where Yards per Reception Goes Wrong Part 1 and Part II.

College Football: Football Study Hall tells The Oral History of Boise State, College Football’s Moneyball. Football Study Hall says Big plays are the 3-pointers of football.

Baseball: FanGraphs on How We Would Increase Balls in Play. FiveThirtyEight notes The Unlikely Resurgence Of Baseball’s Aces. John Dewan lists The Best and Worst Defensive Players So Far This Season. Tom Tango believes we need to define What we mean by Hot Hand. The Hardball Times Applies Asset Pricing Theory to MLB. BeyondTheBoxscore examines What pitchers do when they know the defense has their back. FanGraphs explains What Statcast Reveals About Contact Management as a Pitcher Skill. Walk Like a Sabermetrician with Enby Distribution, pt. 4: Revisiting W%.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus piece on Nylon Calculus: Khris Middleton thriving with help of Giannis Antetokounmpo. NBA Math believes the Memphis Grizzlies Have the NBA’s Worst Salary-Cap Situation. Revisits Historic Teams’ Win Projections (with Interactive Sheet).

College Basketball: Eli Boettger says None Of Us Actually Know Whether Wichita State Will Fail Or Succeed In the American Conference.

Soccer: FiveThirtyEight includes Real Madrid, Arsenal, LA Galaxy, Boca Juniors — In One Giant Power Ranking. American Soccer Analysis asks What the heck do pass attempts tell us, anyway?

Hockey: Hockey Graphs announces a Mentorship Program.

Lacrosse: Moneyball Lacrosse’s Coca-Cola Most Valuable Player Nominees.

Tennis: The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective looks at Tennis Grand Slam’s Toughest Wins – Evaluating the Hardest Path To Victory.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR shows which R packages make it easy to visualize the streakiness of Giancarlo Stanton’s home run hitting.

Check out these Pythons: with a great DIY on scraping soccer stats. James LeDoux introducing pybaseball – a Python package for working with baseball data from Statcast and FanGraphs.

Conferences: September 16th Virginia Sports Analytics Meeting at Roanoke College. September 23rd New England Symposium on Statistics in Sports in Cambridge, MA.

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