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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – August 29th, 2017

Football: Football Outsiders examines What Keeps a Great QB Out of the Playoffs? Football Perspective looks at Which Defensive Stars Played On The Best Defenses. CMU Sports Analytics Club publishes Wins & Point Differential In The NFL.

College Football: Football Study Hall profiles 3 overrated college football teams in 2017 by preseason analytics. FiveThirtyEight with Which College Football Teams Do The Most With The Least Talent? (And Vice Versa).

Baseball: FanGraphs asks Is Baseball’s Age of Parity Over? FiveThirtyEight on How The Dodgers Are Using Baseball’s New DL Rules To Get An Edge. Dave Fleming tries to create a metric to measure individual strikeout performances across eras. Bill James investigates How often does a good young starting pitcher suddenly fall off a cliff. Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab: Catch Probability: Outs Above Average. Baseball Prospectus Baseball Therapy: Positional Anarchy! by Russell A. Carleton. The Hardball Times makes a  Case for Eliminating the DH. BeyondTheBoxscore views The playoff races, with luck stripped out. FanGraphs discusses The Era of Encroaching Dinger Reliance. The Hardball Times examines Fly Ball Carry and the Home Run Surge.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus writes about Offseason movement and offensive styles. FiveThirtyEight believes The Celtics Didn’t Mortgage Their Future — They Insured It. Meanwhile, NBA Math offers a A Definitive Breakdown of Kyrie Irving’s Fit with the Boston Celtics. The 94 Feet Report Analyzes trends in the NBA.

College Basketball: Eli Boettger shows What An Average NCAA Tournament Field Looks Like.

Soccer: SoccerMetrics on Expected Saves: An inverse of expected goals? FiveThirtyEight looks at whether The Champions League Finally Get A New Champion. American Soccer Analysis Introduces interactive data.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR shows introduces a new book on Visualizing Baseball.

Deep Learning: A piece on Beyond Deep Learning: a Case Study in Sports Analytics.

Conferences: September 16th Virginia Sports Analytics Meeting at Roanoke College. September 23rd New England Symposium on Statistics in Sports in Cambridge, MA.

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