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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – December 19th, 2017

Football: Football Perspective finds The Jaguars Are The Best Team In The NFL On A Per Play Basis. FiveThirtyEight declares The Great NFL Passing Boom Over. Football Perspective points out This Is The Weakest Season For High-End Passing Since 1996.

Baseball: Deadspin article: Major League Baseball’s Statcast Can Break Sabermetrics. Baseball Prospectus’ Baseball Therapy: Burn The Shifts. FanGraphs Projects the 2017 Rule 5 Picks. Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab: How much does Buxton’s speed help in the outfield? Baseball Prospectus with Pitching Backward: The Case For Long-Form Movement.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus examines How conference imbalance affects playoff results in the NBA. The 94 Feet Report looks to answer Fluke or Flake? Nylon Calculus’ Week 9 in Review: PER 2.0 updates.

Soccer: American Soccer Analysis article on Tim Howard, Frank Rost, and MLS’ Abandonment of the Average American Player.

Hockey: Puck++ on The Time Value of Money and Player Valuation. Tom Tango calculates the Isolated Even-Strength Plus-Minus of Ovechkin’s career. Puck++ looks at Game Theory and Defending Against a 2-on-1.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR on using R to analyze 2017 Home Runs — Estimating Hitter and Pitcher Rates.

Conferences: SportCon in Minneapolis on February 2nd.

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