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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – December 26th, 2017

Football: Football Perspective notes Carolina, Buffalo, and Exceeding Pythagenpat Results. Fancy Stats finds The Browns deserve a much better fate than a winless season. Football Perspective agrees that The Browns Defy Regression To The Mean and Remain Terrible Against The Spread. FiveThirtyEight explains Why Coaches And QBs Should Divorce After Five Years Of Not Winning.

College Football: Football Study Hall writes about Vertical spread teams and tiny defenses: Trends to watch for in the bowl games. FiveThirtyEight says This Season’s Bowl Games Are Less Terrible Than Usual.

Baseball: Beyond the Box Score on The luck factor: How to maintain your BABIP and become a “gem”. Baseball Prospectus’ Cold Takes: Diary of an Old Young Man. FanGraphs piece on The Dodgers’ Attempt to Beat the Market. Tom Tango’s Statcast Labs: Barrels or HR?, Statcast Lab: finding the right launch angle for your exit velocity, part 0 and Pitch Zones: Heart, Shadow, Ozone. Bill James starts a series looking at the Great First Baseman of All Time. FanGraphs examines Daniel Nava and the Human Rain Delays. John Dewan identifies 2017 Top Minor League Defenders.

Basketball: Justin Jacobs blog post Gravity: Introduction to Bodies. Nylon Calculus Nylon Notebook: Ball-movers, black holes and the Warriors blocks. The 94 Feet Report tackles The Problem with Analyzing Character. Nylon Calculus’ Week 10 in Review: Deflections and NBA Star Wars. Nylon Calculus looks to answer When can we trust a team’s stats?

College Basketball: The Yale Undergraduate Sports Analytics Group analyzes The Value of Switching Conferences.

Soccer: StatsBomb looks at The Rebirth Of Florian Thauvin.

Hockey: Puck++ on Optimal Contract Structuring: “Taking It To The Logical Conclusion”.

Lacrosse: Moneyball Lacrosse finds Off-Ball Screens Creating Rush’s Best Shots.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR’s Top 10 Baseball Graphs of 2017.

Conferences: SportCon in Minneapolis on February 2nd.

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