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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – December 24th, 2019

Football: Tom Tangos’ Trilogy: Should teams pass even more?, Is it better to be 1st-and-10 or 2nd-and-5? and How much more is a rushing yard worth compared to a passing yard? Football Perspective examines Long Passing Touchdowns, By Year. The Extra Point blog finds Teams Taking More Time Off Play Clock in 10-minute OTs. Josh Hermsmeyer writes that Patrick Mahomes’s Numbers Have Regressed. But That Doesn’t Mean His Skills Have. Football Outsiders’ Week 16 DVOA Ratings. Football Perspective: Jameis Winston Is A Very Fun QB. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective looks to answer Does The Sophomore Slump Exist in the NFL? FiveThirtyEight acknowledges The Seahawks Keep It Close. Is That Any Way To Win A Super Bowl? The SIS blog analyzes Which NFL Teams Are Leading the League in Luck. PFF’s Kevin Cole explains How the Buffalo Bills built a winning offense.

College Football: PFF Introduces to College Football Wins Above Average. Football Outsiders’ FEI Week 16 Ratings.

Baseball:  Barton Smith’s comprehensive post on How Pitching Works. FanGraphs reviews Which Types of Teams Are Signing Free Agents. Baseball Prospectus Flu-Like Symptoms: The Basics of Historical Baseball Data Analysis, Part 2. At Bill James Online, Daniel Marks Tracks the Hall of Fame Tracker (2020 Version). Travis Sawchik on How MLB’s Hot Stove Got Hot Again. FanGraphs declares The Cardinals Are Baseball’s Above-Averagest Team. Walk Like a Sabermetrician’s Crude Team Ratings, 2019. FanGraphs says The Three Batter Minimum Rule Barely Matters. Alex Vidgerman Introduces the PART System to Defensive Runs Saved. JP Hoornstra article: Entrepreneurs emerging from baseball’s analytic curtain offer a peek at what’s next.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus figures out Which NBA players hold the ball the longest. FiveThirtyEight’s NBA Player Ratings Love Will Barton. Here’s Why.

College Basketball: Jordan Sperber’s Hoop Vision Weekly: Breakout Players + NET + X’s and O’s.

Soccer: StatsBomb’s Messi Data Biography: 15 Seasons Now Complete and Available. FiveThirtyEight believes Chelsea’s Slump Won’t Necessarily Be Fixed By More Attackers. American Soccer Analysis: All of our 2019 Offseason Outlooks.

Check out these Pythons: Nick Wan’s video tutorial: Python basic data science skills with some NFL data.

Your Moment of R:  Thomas Mock’s video tutorial: Intro to nflscrapR in the Tidyverse. BaseballWithR looks at Pitcher/Batter HR Match Ups and the Shrinking Standard Deviation.

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