Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – December 3rd, 2019

Football: Football Perspective notes The Ravens Could Become The First Team In The 200-200 Club. The Extra Point blog: Frank Gore Keeps on Running. Josh Hermsmeyer says Daniel Jones Hasn’t Figured Out Zone Coverage Yet. Football Perspective: The 49ers Are Historically Dominant At Preventing Passing Yards. The SIS blog makes Some midseason updates to the Total Points calculation. FiveThirtyEight points out The Detroit Lions Keep Finding Ways To Blow Leads. In the Queen’s Sports Analytics Mythbusters blog, How much do running back target rates contribute to winning?

College Football: Football Outsiders’ FEI Week 13 Ratings.

Baseball: FanGraphs on the Five Lessons From the Wild Non-Tender Deadline. Barton Smith on the Magnus Effect: Seems and Roughness. Baseball Prospectus Skill Drills: Getting Regression Right. Beyond the Box Score writes The Cubs hired Craig Driver to fix Willson Contreras’s framing. FanGraphs ponders Which Players Might Have Benefited from the Astros’ Sign-Stealing?

Basketball: FiveThirtyEight says The Spurs Have Never Been This Bad At Defense. Nylon Calculus: Raptors, Redick, and relishing in wide-open 3s. In Ben Taylor’s Part 5 of the Thinking Basketball stats series, he dives into the entire world of plus-minus as a way to determine impact or value. Avyay Varadarajan’s new blog post on clustering shot charts in the NBA.

College Basketball: Jordan Sperber’s Hoop Vision Weekly: Extra Helping Of HOOPS (HV Weekly: 11/29/2019).

Soccer: StatsBomb Dives to the depths of the Championship relegation battle. StatsBomb believes Christian Pulisic is on his way to becoming a superstar.

Tennis: Heavy Topspin gives an An Introduction to Tennis Elo.

Your Moment of R: nflscrapR updated NFL play-by-play csv file for 2019 regular season through week 12.

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