Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – January 3, 2017

Football: The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective says No Matter Your Definition, Matt Ryan Should Be MVP. Football Outsiders agrees that Matt Ryan Is the 2016 NFL MVP.

College Football: FiveThirtyEight on Which Bowls Are Usually The Best — And Worst? FiveThirtyEight asks Is Deshaun Watson Better Than Lamar Jackson? Depends On What Skills You Value.

Baseball: FanGraphs’ Sunday Notes: HoF Balloting, Managers, Pitchers Hitting, Spud, more. Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab: Radial wOBA by Launch Angle+Speed. BeyondTheBoxScore writes In the players’ defense of why we shouldn’t discard “the eye test” in our search for truth in baseball.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus on whether Russell Westbrook producing more than Michael Jordan.

College Basketball: Ken Pomeroy’s Basketball Diary: December 2016.

Hockey: HockeyAnalysis.com writes that Predictive Analyics have failed Hockey Analytics. HockeyGraphs Eye on the Entry Draft: Which teams are set for future success? HockeyGraphs with Coaching Analysis Part 2: Metropolitan Division.

Soccer: StatsBomb on Reinstating the Swansea Way.

MOOCs: Wayne Winston’s Math behind Moneyball course has started up again on Coursera.

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