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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – July 4th, 2017

Football: Football Outsiders’ Run Offense By Number of Backs, 2016. Football Perspective writes The Titans Played To Their Opponents In 2016. Football Perspective Guest Post: The Seahawks and NFL Defensive Dynasties since 1970.

Baseball: FanGraphs writes that It’s Tough Being a (Very) Tall Pitcher. Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab: Sprint Speed 2015-present. Dave Fleming at Bill James Online on what the best teams might be telling us about the future of the game. FiveThirtyEight says In MLB’s New Home Run Era, It’s The Baseballs That Are Juicing. Baseball Prospectus Cold Takes: The Need For (More Than) Speed by Patrick Dubuque. FanGraphs wonders Is the Second-Base Revolution Already Over? BeyondTheBoxScore on How to look beyond ERA. The Hardball Times looks at Relievers Who Gained or Lost the Most Trust in a Single Year.

Basketball: FiveThirtyEight projects Next Season’s NBA Heavyweights: Warriors, Cavs, Spurs, Rockets … Timberwolves? Nylon Calculus offers A lineup-based analysis of the Chris Paul trade. FiveThirtyEight believes The NBA’s Best Are All Out West. FiveThirtyEight with What’s New In Their NBA Player Projections For 2017-18. Nylon Calculus with A nearest neighbor approach to 2017 NBA Draft statistical comparisons. Basketball Analytics discusses Do analytics deserve a seat at the table?

Hockey: FiveThirtyEight says The Jagrsaurus Is Not Extinct.

Soccer: StatsBomb On the anatomy of a counter-attack. American Soccer Analysis Player Passing Efficiency in MLS 2017.

Lacrosse:  Moneyball Lacrosse on Connor Buczek: The Crux of the Launch Offense.

Tennis: Heavy Topspin writes that The Men Are Old, and The Best Men Are Even Older.

Conferences: The Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference July 13th at Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

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