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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – June 28th, 2017

Football: MMQB with an in-depth look at Analytics and the NFL. Football Outsiders’ 2016 Offensive Personnel Analysis. Football Perspective’s Pythagenpat History, 1960-2016.

Baseball:  With new Statcast data, FanGraphs examines What Can Speed Do? Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab: Where are all those HR coming from? Baseball Prospectus Baseball Therapy: The Pendulum Swings Back on throwing to first. FanGraphs publishes A Periodic Quality-of-Contact Update. BeyondTheBoxScore on Why teams rebuild and How to discourage it.

Basketball: FiveThirtyEight hosts The NBA Haters’ Ball. Nylon Calculus looks at What changes when teams go into the penalty. FiveThirtyEight opines Few Teams Have Done Less With More Than The Clippers. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective on whether Westbrook Is Stat-Stuffing. FiveThirtyEight says To Beat The Warriors, You Gotta Draft Like The Warriors. (Good Luck With That.). Nylon Calculus’ 2017 P-AWS NBA Draft projections. Basketball Analytics shares its College Prospect Ratings.

Hockey: Hockey Graphs Friday Quick Graphs: 16 Years of Drafting, Summarized.

Soccer: StatsBomb with More Statistical Transfer Shopping – Wide Forwards for the Champions League.

Lacrosse:  Moneyball Lacrosse’s Week 9: Stats of the Week.

Tennis: Heavy Topspin Measures the Impact of Wimbledon’s Seeding Formula.

Your Moment of R: BaseballWithR gives instructions on Exploring Whiff Rates and Predicting Judge’s 2017 Home Run Total.

Conferences: SABR 47 June 28th to July 2nd in New York. The Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference July 13th at Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

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