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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – June 5th, 2018

Football: Football Outsiders look at Which Defenses Depended on “Non-Pressure Sacks” in 2017. Football Perspective’s Running Back Heat Maps – 2017 Season. Football Outsiders’ Adjusted Interceptions 2017. Brad Oremland’s Best Statistical QBs of 2017. Ron Yurko’s first in a series on Bayesian data analysis building towards full Bayesian multilevel models.

Baseball: FanGraphs examines whether Young Teams Are More Likely to Fade After Hot Starts. The Hardball Times’ excellent Visualization of THE BOARD. The Hardball Times details The Workloads of the Top College Pitchers in the 2018 Draft. Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab: Get to know a stat: Estimated wOBAcon. FanGraphs on The Astros’ Quiet Catching Advantage. Beyond the Box Score finds Max Scherzer is winning the fight against Father Time. Tom Tango calculates Time to 90 Feet. John Dewan names Lorenzo Cain May’s top defensive player. Michael Lopez posts The within-game evolution of MLB’s strike zone.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus examines why the Warriors are so dominant in the 3rd quarter?. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective ponders Does Winning A Specific NBA Quarter Matter? Nylon Calculus and The playoff value of LeBron James. Fancy Stats believes Cavaliers could beat Warriors at their own (small-ball) game. Nylon Calculus Quantifies defensive versatility in the playoffs. FiveThirtyEight’s Six Key Stats On The Warriors vs. Cavs Re-Re-Rematch. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective Analyzes the NBA Through Twitter Follows. Udam Saini has the updated NBA play by play data for the 2017-2018 season.

Hockey: Fancy Stats writes that the Capitals’ depth a huge advantage over the Golden Knights in Stanley Cup finals and The Golden Knights’ run to the Stanley Cup finals is no fluke. FiveThirtyEight points out that The Caps And Knights Might Have The Least Experienced Stanley Cup Final Rosters Ever. Chace McCallum on Using the NHL Draft To Acquire Strong Links and Draft Pick Value Charts.

Soccer: American Soccer Analysis’ Expected Narratives: Seeing Reds. StatsBomb Announces Free Data for Women’s Football.

Tennis: FiveThirtyEight writes that Women’s Tennis Has Never Been This Wide Open. Graeme Spence breaks down the trends in surface specialization. FiveThirtyEight shares The Secret To Nadal’s Dominance On Clay.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR explores Home Runs and Temperature.

Conferences: SABR 48 is June 20-24 in Pittsburgh. The Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference is June 21st at Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

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