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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – May 29th, 2018

Football: Football Perspective’s Most Receiving Yards At Age X. Bryan Frye’s post on Punting Value vs. Punting Skill. Football Outsiders’ Snap-Weighted Age: 2017 NFL Rosters. Football Perspective on the relationship between Completion Percentage and First Downs.

Baseball: piece on Key takeaways from MLB study of HR rates. Baseball Prospectus’ Circle Change: Building Baseball’s Golden Knights. The Hardball Times ponders How Long is the Average Playoff Window? FanGraphs says Go See the Two-Seamer Before It’s Gone. Bill James continues his pursuit of defining who is a superstar. Beyond the Box Score writes that it’s Buyer Beware with number-one draft picks.

Basketball: Fancy Stats explains Why the Warriors are simply unstoppable in the third quarter. Nylon Calculus finds The Warriors aren’t passing like they used to. Nylon Calculus: Box Plus-Minus for international leagues. The 94 Feet Report says Game Seven Was Not a Referendum on Three Pointers or Houston’s Style of Play.

Hockey: Hockey Graphs Links penalties and game minute in the NHL.

Soccer: American Soccer Analysis’ Setting the Table: Week 12. StatsBomb’s Champions League Spotlight: How Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah Propel Liverpool. FiveThirtyEight details How Liverpool Built A Potential Champion.

Tennis: Stephanie Kovalchik looks at What Patterns Can We Expect From Nadal at the French.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR explores the recent increase in home run hitting. Bill Petti’s baseballr 0.5 is out. Ben Dilday shows how to use R to produce Graphical MLB Standings.

Conferences: SABR 48 is June 20-24 in Pittsburgh. The Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference is June 21st at Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

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