Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – March 13th, 2018

March Madness: FiveThirtyEight writes Penn Is History’s Best No. 16 Seed. Can It Pull Off The NCAA Tournament’s Greatest Upset? Fancy Stats says Want to pick a March Madness upset? Target No. 10 and No. 11 seeds. FiveThirtyEight’s 2018 March Madness Predictions and How To Build A Bracket For This Wide-Open NCAA Tournament. Fancy Stats three best bets to win the 2018 NCAA tournamentThe most vulnerable top seeds in the NCAA tournamentFive Cinderellas who can reach the Sweet 16, including a No. 16 seedForget Kentucky and Arizona, Virginia has easiest road to the Final Four and The perfect bracket to win your March Madness pool.

General: Feature on Sports Reference founder Sean Forman: How a math professor created the information center of the sports world.

Football: Football Perspective finds that In 2017, The Best Teams Didn’t Rely On One RB. Football Outsiders examines Situational Play-Action Passing in the NFL. Football Perspective Analyzes Twenty Years Of First Round QBs Not Selected First Overall. NFL.com article reports Bills front office and analytics dept. will be two-way street.

Baseball: Baseball Prospectus Feature: A Revised Look at Clutch Hitting (Part 1). FanGraphs offers A Ray of Hope About Tommy John Surgeries. Baseball Prospectus produces Bayesian Bagging to Generate Uncertainty Intervals: A Catcher Framing Story. The Hardball Times on Some Physics of Humidors. Baseball Prospectus Feature: The Prospect Hype Cycle. Tom Tango’s Dynamic Replacement Level by Season, part 0. FanGraphs writes You’ll Never Guess What’s Happening in Spring Training. Baseball Reference adds Pitch Framing Measures. Baseball Hack Day is March 17th.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus: Offensive style changes for the 2017-18 season. NBA Math’s Tin Hat Stats, February Edition: Tomas ‘Steph Curry’ Satoransky, Patty Mills’ Passing, Portland’s Assist Drought.

College Basketball: Reddit Heat map of 1,058,383 #basketball shots from #NCAA games. FiveThirtyEight on The Ridiculousness Of Conference Tournament Locations, In 6 Maps. On the women’s side, FiveThiryEight believes This May Be The Best UConn Team Ever.

Soccer: American Soccer Analysis MLS PScore Update: Why tactics should be tied to a team’s budget. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective does An Analysis Of Aggression In Major European Soccer Rivalries.

Hockey: Hockey Graphs looks to answer How Much Do NHL Players Really Make?

Lacrosse: Moneyball Lacrosse’s Connor Kelly Pull Passes.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR’s Invitation to Do a Streaky Analysis.

Conferences:  The Sports Analytics Innovation Summit is March 22nd in London.

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