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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – March 27th, 2018

March Madness: FiveThirtyEight with Everything You Need To Know About The Final Four. Fancy Stats predicted: Loyola Chicago doesn’t need divine intervention to reach the Final Four. FiveThirtyEight wonders Who’s The Best At Coaching In The NCAA Men’s Tournament?

Football: Football Perspective examines Wide Receiver Production Vs. Salary Cap Hit For 2017. Football Outsiders’ 2017 Adjusted Games Lost.

College Football: CFB play-by-play data is publicly available courtesy of a reddit contributor.

Baseball: Bill James introduces the concept of Presumptive Value. Ben Linbergh’s Two Truths and a Lie: The Hidden Forces That Affect How Catchers Perform at the Plate. FanGraphs’ The Two Major Takeaways From This Year’s Spring Training. The Hardball Times writes about The Lurking Error in Statcast Pitch Data. Tom Tango’s Shift v NoShift Preliminary Statcast Research . Fancy Stats believes The Yankees and Orioles are primed to break team home run record in 2018. Alex Vigderman on Bill James Online writes that The Outfield Shift Has Arrived.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus chronicles The evolution of Stephen Curry. Nylon Calculus writes Joel Embiid has your sample size right here.

College Basketball: Nylon Calculus with A look at how Duke’s offense has evolved this season.

Soccer: BarcaNumbers blog post on The best penalty takers of all time.

Hockey: Hockey Graphs gives An Introduction to NWHL Game Score. Andrew Peterson’s tutorial for Hockey Viz and Analytics with D3.js. StatsByLopez blog post: The impact of make-up calls is probably bigger than you think.

Tennis: Heavy Topspin tries to answer the question Should Serena Be Seeded?

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR offers code to analyze Count Effects from Statcast Data. Daniel Tokarz shows the R code behind How We Make the YUSAG Power Rankings.

Conferences:  April 7th is the Carnegie Mellon Baseball Analytics WorkshopSportsPro Live is April 11-12 in London. The Sports Analytics Conference is April 12-13 in State College, PA.

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