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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – March 5th, 2019

Football: FiveThirtyEight’s Josh Hermsmeyer writes that The NFL Is Drafting Quarterbacks All Wrong. Football Perspective analyzes How The 2018 Rookie RBs Performed Relative To Draft Status. Finalist papers from the Big Data Bowl. Football Outsiders’ Speed Score 2019.  Football Perspective looks at Draft Value Held By Defending Super Bowl Champions. Football Perspective’s 2018 Air Yards And YAC, By Position.

Baseball: Ben Lindbergh and Rob Arthur Got Their Hands on 73,000 Never-Before-Seen MLB Scouting Reports And Here’s What They Learned. article looks at the people behind the numbers in the Mariners analytics team. FanGraphs’ 2019 ZiPS Are Live. FiveThirtyEight’s Travis Sawchik: Bryce Harper May Already Be Past His Prime. The Hardball Times on The Physics of Fungos. Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab: xDistance. FanGraphs on Addressing Tanking Through Revenue Sharing. Bill James continues his 12-article series: The Roger Clemens era, The Dave Stieb Era, 21st Century Pitchers, and Summarizing the comparisons of this series. Tom Tango examines Performance by Launch Angle.

Basketball: Justin Jacobs’ From the Ground Up: Points Scored. FiveThirtyEight explains why Why The Lakers Imploded.

College Basketball: FiveThirtyEight: Meet The NCAA’s 5-Foot-9 Scoring Machine. Jordan Sperber’s latest podcast.

Hockey: Hockey Graphs on Visualizing Goaltender Statistics Through Beeswarm Plots.

Soccer: Stats Bomb’s League One Review: The Championship Awaits, But For Who? How FC Barcelona are preparing for the future of football.

Tennis: Heavy Topspin on The Best Draw That Money Can Buy. Stephanie Kovalchik;s blog post on Men’s Top Pressure Performances in February.

General: Videos from Sloan are available on the 42 Analytics YouTube channel.

Check out these Pythons: yorkpy takes a hat-trick, bowls out Intl. T20s, BBL and Natwest T20!

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR’s Zone Visualizations using the CalledStrike PackagebaseballR has been updated to allow for scraping of 2019 NCAA baseball stats. The NHL play-by-play data scraper formerly used at Corsica is back on github, and it’s an rstats package now (dryscape).

Conferences: March 8-10 is the SABR Analytics Conference in Phoenix. The Seattle Hockey Analytics Conference (VanHAC moves south of the border for the year) will be held March 8-10.

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